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[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 51

Keywords: breakpoint; computer; program; journal; modem; ampro; hex; data; command; byte; partition table; baud rate; computer journal; operating system; issue number; assembly language; stepped inference; flow control; serial port; hard disk
Downloads: 744
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 73
Issue #73, May/June 1995: Editor Comments Reader to Reader - your letters and comments. $10 XT - what you get for your money, by Bill Kibler. IDE Part 6 - the GIDE update, by Tilmann Reh. PC/XT Corner - software quandaries, by Frank Sergeant. Small System Support - C and assembly language tutorial, by Ronald Anderson. Centerfold - 640K Super PC. Mr. Kaypro - talks about 16 bit Kaypros, by Chuck Stafford...
Keywords: journal; computer; program; drive; cpu; ide; tcj; system; ram; memoiy; source code; cantar fold; computer journal; raal computing; system board; hard disk; vdc pin; center fold; hard drive; assembly language
Downloads: 731
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 59

Keywords: code; tcj; journal; macro; zmate; disk; file; computer; buffer; doc; real computing; floppy disk; computer journal; autoexec macro; issue number; source code; center fold; corner issue; computer corner; assembly language
Downloads: 569
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 71
Issue Number 71: * Computing Hero of 1994 - David Jaffe * Small System Support - 6809 ASM * Center Fold - Hayes 80-103A S-100 modem * Power Supply Basics * PC/XT Corner - Stepper Motors + Connecting IDE Drives (5) - GIDE Preview * DR. S-100 - Generic IDE and CompuPro * Moving Forth Part 7 * Mr. Kaypro - ROM options * 8048 Emulator Part 1 * The Computer Corner
Keywords: mov; byte; computer; journal; tos; kaypro; code; movx; program; ret; source code; center fold; computer journal; low byte; issue number; power supply; hard drive; high byte; real computing; assembly language
Downloads: 556
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 80
Issue #80, Fall 1997. Editor's Column And in this issue... Reader to Reader. About the 'Net - By Ted Deppner. A New Column - Internet Myths. Banked/Portable I/O System - B/P Bios, Part 1. - by Harold F. Bower and Cameron W. Cotrill Program This! - The PC Serial Port in ASM and C with PT80.ZIP source code in C and ASM - by Dave Baldwin. Also check out Serial Com for Christian Blum's 'Serial Port FAQ' and lots of other info...
Keywords: mov; equ; interrupt; serial; tcj; computer; program; journal; char; ida; serial port; count store; computer journal; hard disk; issue number; small system; modem control; system support; real computing; baud rate
Downloads: 508
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 72
Issue #72, March/April 1995: Editor Comments Reader to Reader - your letters and comments. Dr. S-100 - Compupro 8080/8088, by Herb Johnson. Small System Support - C and assembly language tutorial, by Ronald Anderson. Beginning PLD - the good and bad of using PLD's, by Claude Palm. Centerfold - Rockwell R65F11 single board computer. Support Groups for the Classics, Zed-Fest at Trenton. Real Computing - on programming languages, by Rick Rodman...
Keywords: code; acall; computer; file; kail; software; program; journal; disk; ide; assembly language; real time; computer journal; system support; issue number; small system; kail lit; center fold; real computing; single board
Downloads: 507
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 81
Issue #81, Spring 1998. Editor's Column And in this issue... About the 'Net - Technology changes. By Ted Deppner Reader to Reader - Letters from our readers. Stress Testing PCs With Linux - Checking your PC's reliability. By Frank Sergeant. Banked/Portable I/O System - B/P Bios, Part 2. By Harold F. Bower and Cameron W. Cotrill Real Computing - Linux, Samba, Minix. By Rick Rodman. The Unoffical CP/M Web Page - Source code for CP/M...
Keywords: linux; computer; disk; bios; task; system; tcj; journal; computer journal; program; hard disk; hard drive; issue number; system support; source code; small system; goto boxoo; real computing; operating systems
Downloads: 485
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 62

Keywords: code; computer; scsi; parameter; journal; field; data; address; dodoes; eprom; field address; computer corner; computer journal; machine code; code field; operating system; corner issue; issue number; parameter field; real computing
Downloads: 469
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 78
Issue #78, Spring 1996. Editor's Column And in this issue... Reader to Reader. Real Computing - Small-C, C-64 emulators, and Win95 Review by Rick Rodman. The European Beat - GIDE on the KC-85. by Helmut Jungkunz. CP/M 86 Enters the 90's - A Patch for CP/M 86, by Kirk Lawrence DIY 6502 board, by Doug Beattie. Get the docs to build it and some software to use and test it there and his MAS65 assembler and other tools...
Keywords: disk; program; mov; journal; tcj; array; fcb; computer; equ; jsr; small system; hard disk; computer journal; jsr putchr; issue number; system support; european beat; real computing; center fold; main loop
Downloads: 422
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 61

Keywords: buffer; computer; macro; journal; program; port; disk; cpu; zmate; data; real computing; hard disk; computer journal; operating system; issue number; center fold; real time; corner issue; computer corner; assembly language
Downloads: 417
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 70

Keywords: disk; computer; ide; data; software; serial; program; journal; system; nsec; center fold; serial ports; computer journal; hard disk; issue number; floppy disk; source code; operating system; real computing; assembly language
Downloads: 416
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 75
Issue #75, September/October 1995: Editor Comments Reader to Reader - your letters and comments. Embeded Control Using STD BUS - STD BUS Review, by Bill Kibler. The European Beat - East German Z80, By Helmut Jungkunz. High-Speed Serial I/O for the PCPI Applicard. Apple ][ support, By John D. Baker. Small System Support - C and assembly language tutorial. By Ronald W. Anderson. Dr. S-100 - the Mailbag...
Keywords: journal; computer; file; code; bus; eprom; block; sio; data; program; operating system; small system; computer journal; real computing; std bus; system support; eprom simulator; source code; issue number; hard disk
Downloads: 394
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 74
Issue #74, July/August 1995: Editor Comments Reader to Reader - your letters and comments. Antique or Junk? How to judge your old systems, by Bill Kibler. Mr. Kaypro - the how-to for adding Composite Monitors. By Charles Stafford. The AMSTRAD PCW Now - what to expect in their next release. By Bill Roch. Small System Support - C and assembly language tutorial. By Ronald W. Anderson. Dr. S-100 - the Mailbag...
Keywords: disk; journal; equ; code; jsr; ide; computer; program; ram; file; file control; center fold; computer journal; hard drive; source code; hard disk; years ago; jsr fms; high level; bne error
Downloads: 384
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 52

Keywords: program; data; lop; clock; computer; output; journal; code; input; display; jump table; filter clock; computer journal; operating system; lop clock; combinatorial combinatorial; source code; clock display; issue number; assembly language
Downloads: 378
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 57

Keywords: computer; disk; journal; program; gap; software; data; file; mhz; xmodem; source code; operating system; computer journal; char unsigned; issue number; file transfer; comer issue; floppy disk; unsigned char; computer comer
Downloads: 349
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 66

Keywords: computer; journal; circuit; tcj; disk; ide; program; command; code; software; corner issue; operating system; computer journal; center fold; issue number; source code; floppy disk; computer corner; real computing; assembly language
Downloads: 328
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 40

Keywords: program; code; zex; command; character; journal; data; input; byte; disk; bit map; operating system; computer journal; source code; issue number; function key; scan code; command processor; assembly language; cursor positioning
Downloads: 326
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 69

Keywords: disk; journal; ide; program; head; dup; code; computer; comer; assembler; system support; serial port; computer journal; source code; real computing; ide drive; ide drives; parallel port; issue number; operating system
Downloads: 313
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 50

Keywords: command; journal; computer; program; bios; interrupt; file; pced; buffer; code; number keypad; iny iny; computer journal; issue number; data bus; cursor control; assembly language; operating system; blue key; high bit
Downloads: 309
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 77
Issue #77, January/February 1996: Editor's Column And in this issue... Reader to Reader GIDE news. Real Computing - OS reviews, INTERLNK, and the Pocket Programmer, By Rick Rodman. Mr. Kaypro - The last of the external video mods. By Charles B. Stafford The European Beat - GIDE on the KC-85. By Helmut Jungkunz. Hands on with PLD's - Clock generator and Memory Decoder, By Robert Brown of ALTA ENGINEERING...
Keywords: computer; memory; journal; tcj; logic; kaypro; primes; program; disk; data; hard disk; center fold; computer journal; mother board; issue number; machine language; input input; real computing; power supply; system support
Downloads: 295
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 60

Keywords: computer; code; journal; tcj; systems; disk; issue; stack; software; tos; operating system; floppy disk; computer journal; real computing; issue number; return stack; assembly language; corner issue; computer corner; parameter field
Downloads: 289
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 76
Issue #76 - November/December 1995: Editor Comments Reader to Reader - your letters and comments. Real Computing - MINIX and more, By Rick Rodman. PC/XT Corner - By Frank Sergeant. Super-Charge that old XT!.. - Article by Kirk Lawrence The European Beat - 10 years of support, By Helmut Jungkunz. Alternatives to the XT - Options and the PT68K-4, By Bill Kibler. Dr. S-100 - GIDE and Jade Bus Probe, By Herb Johnson...
Keywords: program; journal; computer; fdc; data; gosub; software; disk; file; bios; hard disk; floppy disk; computer journal; bus probe; issue number; hard drive; source code; real computing; jade bus; text file
Downloads: 287
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 54

Keywords: mode; command; buffer; code; interrupt; journal; address; genop; bdos; computer; phase increment; filter cutoff; computer journal; operating system; issue number; console input; ping pong; adrs adrs; command processor; sine mode
Downloads: 278
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 36

Keywords: command; sprint; file; zfiler; journal; program; system; computer; user; disk; assembly language; command processor; computer journal; voltage output; issue number; jay sage; game control; word processor; word processing; operating system
Downloads: 264
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 63

Keywords: data; disk; command; scsi; controller; drive; journal; computer; computer journal; cpu; data bus; eprom programmer; issue number; data register; power supply; corner issue; computer corner; command register; floppy disk
Downloads: 256
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 79
Issue #79, Fall 1996. Editor's Column And in this issue... Reader to Reader. XT Corner - The PC Serial Port in Forth, by Frank Sergeant. Source in BLOCKS79.ZIP. Program This! - The AT Modem Commands, by David Goodenough. See also trm20.txt, the 1992 Hayes Technical Reference from their BBS. Mr. Kaypro - Internal Modem, by Charles B. Stafford High Speed Modems and CP/M - Using 14.4k Modems with CP/M Modem Programs, by Terry Hazen Simplex III - Homebuilt microcoded TTL processor, Part 2, by Dave B...
Keywords: serial; modem; port; journal; computer; code; tcj; interrupt; kaypro; program; small system; high speed; serial port; real computing; computer journal; system support; hard drive; center fold; issue number; source code
Downloads: 248
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 65

Keywords: computer; disk; journal; port; reset; rom; hardware; software; program; tcj; spectrum emulator; center fold; computer journal; power supply; issue number; assembly language; timex sinclair; operating system; real computing; source code
Downloads: 234
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 55

Keywords: code; address; crc; disk; fuzzy; dup; journal; program; file; pizzetta; membership set; terry hazen; computer journal; select disk; load address; source code; bruce morgen; virtual bios; gene pizzetta; fuzzy logic
Downloads: 227
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 38

Keywords: zex; command; disk; user; code; array; script; program; zsdos; data; command processor; link table; computer journal; zex script; operating system; floating point; floppy disk; hard disk; issue number; backup disk
Downloads: 226
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 41

Keywords: mov; file; command; source; drive; code; program; disk; offset; bios; object oriented; operating system; computer journal; source file; issue number; source code; elite print; hard disk; file mov; letter quality
Downloads: 224
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 47

Keywords: command; macro; zmate; lcd; journal; computer; data; cursor; interrupt; stepper; timer interrupt; step reset; computer journal; stepper motor; issue number; operating system; constant velocity; reset values; rate counter; flow control
Downloads: 221
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 67

Keywords: code; computer; interrupt; data; tos; disk; journal; stack; interrupts; pop; exx pop; center fold; computer journal; stack pointer; issue number; source code; gnd gnd; return stack; real computing; operating system
Downloads: 213
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 64

Keywords: computer; disk; code; software; file; ide; command; journal; pascal; compiler; hard disk; computer corner; computer journal; ide drives; issue number; corner issue; floppy disk; real computing; operating system; hard drive
Downloads: 213
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 33

Keywords: mov; command; file; code; system; disk; data; scsi; program; equ; computer corner; base address; computer journal; extended dos; issue number; hard disk; scsi bus; operating system; command processor; stack pointer
Downloads: 204
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 27

Keywords: disk; program; code; loop; computer; journal; system; command; equ; source; root locus; reg chn; computer journal; issue number; source code; turbo pascal; common area; operating system; equ equ; dmac dmac
Downloads: 197
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 49

Keywords: computer; surge; code; assembler; mcb; disk; journal; interrupt; powerline; bios; surge protection; disk drive; computer journal; foreign shipping; issue number; common mode; public domain; high level; assembly language; source code
Downloads: 189
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 43

Keywords: program; graphics; disk; data; fdc; lsh; color; byte; computer; command; disk controller; source code; computer journal; calling routine; issue number; disk drives; lazy evaluation; start segment; floppy disk; operating system
Downloads: 188
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 21

Keywords: solder; data; program; cursor; journal; memory; byte; computer; code; analog; low byte; assembly language; computer journal; data memory; set cursor; addr jump; memory board; data acquisition; turbo pascal; reading message
Downloads: 188
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 58

Keywords: task; program; code; journal; doc; user; disk; computer; tcj; cpu; real computing; operating system; computer journal; source code; issue number; assembly language; parameter stack; corner issue; computer corner; user area
Downloads: 182
[texts]The Computer Journal: All Table of Contents Pages (1983-1998)

Keywords: computer; journal; dbase; turbo; respective; property; jay; carlson; computer journal; acknowledged; richard rodman; real computing; art carlson; entire contents; computer corner; contributing editors; jay sage; issue number; rodman jay
Downloads: 182
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 45

Keywords: script; code; goto; journal; command; program; computer; turbo; screen; embedded; extern int; area code; computer journal; assembly language; issue number; wait string; extern char; city code; turbo pascal; baud rate
Downloads: 181
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 37

Keywords: file; zsdos; data; bdos; bios; user; program; mov; macro; resident; hard disk; console input; computer journal; floating point; issue number; data table; resident program; memory control; operating system; resident programs
Downloads: 180
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 68

Keywords: computer; journal; disk; program; data; address; kaypro; cpu; code; software; assembly language; power supply; computer journal; address lines; issue number; center fold; source code; real computing; operating system; peripheral data
Downloads: 176
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 48

Keywords: error; code; macro; equ; command; bds; computer; buffer; program; journal; software update; computer corner; computer journal; data port; issue number; operating system; assembly language; source code; jay sage; command block
Downloads: 165
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 34

Keywords: mov; rsx; code; program; byte; data; bios; file; system; password; command processor; hex code; computer journal; operating system; mov mov; defb low; data file; prl file; issue number; mov int
Downloads: 162
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 05

Keywords: rms; computer; noise; serial; voltage; encoder; thermal; ibm; figure; journal; leakage current; single board; computer journal; north star; average responding; shot noise; thermal transfer; true rms; crest factor; sine wave
Downloads: 160
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 44

Keywords: segment; ldx; string; assembler; task; code; command; commands; data; disk; floppy disk; string initialized; computer journal; data stack; issue number; user area; iny iny; draw bomber; operating system; ldx pshx
Downloads: 160
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 56

Keywords: data; computer; tcj; disk; scsi; systems; software; journal; hardware; interface; corner issue; assembly language; issue number; floppy disk; computer journal; hard disk; ten years; computer corner; shift registers; tim mcdonough
Downloads: 156
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 35

Keywords: command; program; file; data; directory; source; disk; code; journal; bdos; assembly language; file names; computer journal; operating system; source code; data block; data segment; directory entry; issue number; file control
Downloads: 151
[texts]The Computer Journal Issue 12

Keywords: bios; word; program; circuit; bcd; noise; system; compiles; language; compiling; computer journal; noise reduction; compiling word; twisted pair; assembly language; edge triggered; defining word; power supply; word marks; negative edge
Downloads: 151
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